Collecting various events and presenting them on a schedule or diary provides an overview of actions to be carried out.

SubscriberCRM's diary module does just that. If a contact needs a call it is recorded against their record with the option to place it on the diary with the possibility of a reminder which if set will display a message at a predefined period to call that contact. Other diary entries such as Events, Fundraising campaigns etc can be placed on the diary for all to see.

Diary entries can be made directly e.g. annual leave can be recorded for staff members, outside meeting and appointments can also be recorded. In this way several staff members diaries can be viewed simultaneously for common free time for meetings etc.

SubscriberCRM In Brief

  • Familiar look and feel of Outlook diary
  • Diary appointments linked to contacts
  • Reminders pop up to alert users
  • Other events can be placed in the diary
  • Several users diaries can be viewed side by side for comparison