Recording enquiries from members and other contacts enables an organisation to track and analyse issues and concerns raised by the contact. Through the analysis, common issues can be picked up by using the multi-tiered categorising of the enquiry.

SubscriberCRM allows enquiries to be recorded for existing and new contacts. The time on the phone can be recorded as well as various analysis parameters. A large notes area enables a full text description of the enquiry to be entered.

Any action taken can be recorded together with all of the communications (letters, emails and other supporting documents) between the organisation and the enquirer.

'Open' enquiries can be easily displayed for further action to completion.

SubscriberCRM In Brief

  • Easy recording of enquiries of all types
  • As well as analysis codes, a full description of the enquiry can be recorded
  • All interactions, communications and documents can be recorded against the enquiry
  • Who dealt with the enquiry and action taken can also be recorded
  • Enquiry detail is visible and can be accessed from the contact record
  • A membership enquirer can be transferred to the contact screen at the click of a button