Having an accurate record of income is vital to all organisations. To know and understand your revenue streams and to be able to realistically predict future income is particularly important at this time.

In SubscriberCRM, payments received are entered against known payment requests for subscriptions, events, sales and pledges. This removes the first level of potential error as the outstanding value must be present for the payment to be received. Donations and other income which are not predicted can also be entered against the payer. The allocation of the payment defines the income stream and therefore provides for the analysis of income.

SubscriberCRM's Payments module includes the collection of payments by Direct Debit reducing the whole DD process to a few clicks of the mouse from start to finish including the recording of the receipts (additional software is required to transmit the file of DD payments to BACS for payment).

The ADDACS report from BACS which informs organisations of changes of Direct Debits can be read into SubscriberCRM and update the relevant records automatically without the need for manual changes.

Similarly, the ARUDD report (Automated Return of Unpaid Direct Debits) can also be read into SubscriberCRM and automatically adjust records according to the type of rejection taking place.

SubscriberCRM also has a mechanism to simplify the collection of payments made by Standing Order which can present a list matching the entries in a grid for easy confirmation of receipt. There is also a process to import bank statements and match standing order payments automatically.

SubscriberCRM In Brief

  • Rigorous accounting, yet easy and convenient entry of receipts
  • Easy debtor control
  • Comprehensive Direct Debit processing including AUDDIS, electronic ARRUD and ADDACS updates
  • Use your own design for renewals and reminders, whether emailed or mailed
  • Import statements for Standing Order processing
  • Invoice generation (if required)
  • Unlimited payment methods
  • All income categorised for analysis
  • Pledge and donation management