Reports & Exports

There are two types of reporting required by organisations – the day to day extraction of data for letters, lists, labels and exports and then there is the data analysis for reviewing past performance and future planning.

SubscriberCRM provides both sorts of reporting capability with extreme power yet ease of use. A report is built up merely by pointing and clicking - no unwieldy codes and operators to bother with – all of that is taken care of behind the scenes.

The first stage is to select the contacts to be included in the report, the second optional stage is to view the results in a grid and the third to select the type of output – lists, labels, mail merge, exports, email, SMS etc. It couldn't be easier.

Once a report is defined it can be saved away to be used again and again; or even modified if the criteria changes.

SubscriberCRM In Brief

  • Comprehensive reporting capability
  • More or less all information can be selected upon
  • Day to day and analysis reporting
  • Output types include: lists, labels, mail merge, export, bulk emailing, text message (SMS) *
  • Reports can be defined, saved and used time after time

* SMS messaging requires an account with a third-party provider.