Many organisations supplement their income by selling products to members and other contacts. Processing those orders, creating the appropriate sales documents, recording payments, chasing debtors and keeping track of stock levels are all part of the sales process.

SubscriberCRM allows stock items to be entered, categorised, stock levels maintained and reorder levels recorded. An order is created for a contact, recording both delivery and invoice address. Products are easily selected, quantity recorded and price adjusted if required. The stock quantity is decremented as appropriate.

Documentation such as despatch notes, sales invoices, pro-forma invoices and credit notes can be printed directly from the sales screen. Receipts for the goods can also be entered from the sales screen, updating the amount paid and corresponding demand.

Reports can be produced giving a range of outputs including stock lists, sales in a period by product or category and so forth.

Further reports can be produced to find, say, people who bought a particular product in 2010.

SubscriberCRM In Brief

  • Product list maintained with category, quantity, costs and reorder level
  • Contact selected from database - no re-keying or new contact entered through sales
  • Separate invoice and delivery addresses
  • Invoice linked to contact with history of purchases
  • Robust and accurate accounting
  • Payments received can be entered with order
  • Documentation printed from sales screen
  • Reports of sales and products