New Update Released v2.3.19.0

Nov 27 2015

We have just released the latest update for Subscriber.

This update contains:

  • The profiles have been extended so that multiple items can be stored against a contact in a profile. To create a profile section like this, set the Format to 'Multiple rows'. To create a profile section where there can only be one set of information for a contact (i.e. as the profiles are currently), the format should be 'Single'.
  • The dates of the event now show in the title bar of the events screen.
  • The event start and end times are now available in the merging as well as the number of delegates per booking.
  • If the event is not fully booked, it will show as green within the events screen search tab. To set an event as being fully booked, check 'Is Fully Booked' on the website settings tab.
  • The process to transfer a booking to a different event has been extended to give the user more control. The user is able to select which delegates should be transferred and even which sub events the delegates should be booked onto. If there is a sub event with the same name, this will automatically be selected for the user. It is possible to either copy or move the booking. The 'Copy' option will create a new booking on the selected event with the appropriate delegates. The 'Move' option will do this, but also remove the booking from the existing event. If a payment has been made, this will be moved across and assigned to the new booking also. These options can be accessed through the 'Transfer Booking' item on the toolbar.
  • The Amount Pledged field is now automatically populated from the total amount pledged rather than it being free entry.
  • The demand date is now displayed in the grid, comments for a new batch can be set and the user can select if the demand should be written off.

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