Charity CRM Software Upgrade

Sep 26 2016

Why Your Charity CRM Could need an Upgrade

Many charities are willing and able to embrace new technology. Software’s continuing rapid evolution and our increasing reliance on it means that charities can no longer depend on manual processes or slow software. In order to compete for donor pounds, today’s charities need to have current technology in place to manage their operations. If your charity is experiencing any of the challenges mentioned below, it may be time to consider the possibility of a CRM upgrade.

Your CRM Doesn’t Integrate Easily with other Systems

Some older CRMs lack the ability to integrate with other systems a charity may already have in place, such as accounting software, email servers and marketing applications. It’s this lack of integration that can pose several significant challenges. A modern CRM, such as SubscriberCRM, will not only provide your organisation with a means to integrate systems such as Sage Line 50, Mailchimp, Excel, Word, AFD address lookup and TextLocal, but will also give a holistic view of your charity that shows how members interact with you. This kind of member-centric solution can have a significant impact on your organisation’s fundraising; allowing you to target your campaigns at specific groups and share information across all departments.

You Have No Volunteer Information

Your volunteers are an integral part of your organisation. They connect with donors and often work at the front line of your cause, helping those in need and bringing donor money to you. If you don’t know what they’re doing, however, your organisation is shooting in the dark. Upgrading your CRM can revolutionise the volunteer arm of your charity, allowing for effortless management of all the projects to which they’ve been assigned, and giving you the capability to produce detailed reports of their activities.

Campaign Information is Scarce or Non-Existent

The fundraising campaigns you’ve developed may have raised the donations you seek; but do you have a 360 degree view of past and current campaigns, as well as a history which reveals the success of each? If you don’t, you are likely casting a wide net for donations. A CRM upgrade can provide you with the kind of structured campaign management that tracks each and every interaction a would-be donor has with your organisation, right up to the time they make a donation and well beyond the end of your campaigns. This kind of detailed information shows you exactly where you need to make adjustments so you can optimise your relationships with donors for the best outcome.

You Can’t Access Insights or Analysis

Not being able to access important information relating to the resources and funding of your organisation could be placing your charity at very real risk. You need to have a way to tap into the data you’ve collected about your donors, your campaigns and your volunteers, as well as a means to organise that data in one place so that it can be analysed. A CRM with a great reporting tool will allow you to extract sets of data and display them in a wide variety of formats for easy analysis.

Think Future Sustainability

It can take time to understand the need for better technology and implement it across your organisation. Not upgrading your charity CRM, however, places your future sustainability in question. By making the necessary investment into upgrading, your organisation can realise significant increases in both efficiency and donations. Get in touch to find out how SubscriberCRM can help you stay ahead of the curve and secure better returns from your CRM.

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