The Team at SubscriberCRM - Elliott Gresham

Jun 24 2019

Technical Director Elliott Gresham tells us why every day at SubscriberCRM is different and why helping his customers is so rewarding. Elliott is part of the family business and has worked for SubscriberCRM for 14 years, continually learning new things that will help and benefit his customers.

Why is it great to work at SubscriberCRM?

We have a great team at SubscriberCRM, who work together and complement each other well. There is a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in the office, from conversations about the latest sporting event, a current TV series or film, or a political debate, to one of the team bringing in cakes or even the occasional beer tasting.

It’s a pleasure to work with a group of kind and friendly people, where everyone is always willing to help each other out. I know that if I ask a colleague to do something, I can trust that it will be done as well as they can.

SubscriberCRM is a family business, and I am in a fortunate position of being part of the family. Having worked for SubscriberCRM for over 14 years, I have made some real friendships and it is great to see how we have grown over that time. We have some exciting new developments on the horizon I am looking forward to working on and releasing these in the near future.

What do you like about your job & why do you like your job?

I genuinely love the job that I do, and I don’t think there are many people that can say that. Being the Technical Director, I am involved in so many different aspects of the business making every day so varied. Working on different projects, for different customers in a range of sectors, each day is interesting, challenging and I am always having to put my problem-solving skills to the test.

Whether I’m deciding on the best or most efficient way to code an application, or designing a website, my job allows me to be creative. Working in the technology sector, things change all the time and move on so quickly, so we must keep up with the latest developments too. This is great, as it means I am always having to learn new things.

Another part of my job is to go out and meet people, whether they are potential customers looking at SubscriberCRM for the first time, or existing customers talking about any new requirements they have. This has led me to meet some really interesting people, in some amazing places.

Probably the most satisfying part of my job though, is being able to help customers. It is very rewarding being able to answer customer’s questions and hopefully make their working day easier and more productive.

Why SubscriberCRM is great and most importantly how they help our customers?

From talking to our customers, we get to hear first-hand how much people love our software and the variety of things it can offer them. We are often asked if it is possible to do something in SubscriberCRM and more often than not, we have a way for it to be done. This just goes to show how good SubscriberCRM really is!

We are a very conscientious team and we really do care about our customers. We want them to get the best from SubscriberCRM and for it to make things easier for them.

Our support team are patient and understanding and are always more than willing to help and go beyond what is expected of them. Most of the support calls are resolved immediately, so customers don’t have to sit around waiting for an answer.

We take user feedback on board. I cannot say that every feature request makes the cut, but we certainly do consider them all and we try to develop ideas in such a way to make them useful to all our users.

One of the most important things we can offer our customers, is our experience and knowledge when it comes to membership. After years of doing what we do, we know what works and what best practices to take. We do not only provide support on SubscriberCRM, but also use our experience to advise customers on more organisational or process matters as well. We are always at the end of the phone if needed, and this gives our customers that security and peace of mind.

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