SubscriberCRM 3rd Party Integration

Apr 14 2020

Third party integration describes the ability to combine the built-in functionality that SubscriberCRM has with an increasing number of popular software providers that our clients within the NFP sector regularly use. By partnering with these providers, it means that the functionality within SubscriberCRM can be combined with such software, enabling automation and streamlining of many common tasks.

The wealth of features within SubscriberCRM means that it is often used widely across the various departments within NFP organisations. These include Accounts, Events, Membership, Volunteers and Marketing. Each of these may also use other software to perform specific tasks and want to share data between these and SubscriberCRM, that is why we integrate with the most popular software providers favoured by NFPs.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office has been the ‘go to’ software used in offices for decades, consisting of a range of commonly used applications including Word, Excel and Outlook. We understand the importance of seamless integration between Microsoft Office and SubscriberCRM providing our customers with the ability to produce personalised letters, labels and to export information to spreadsheets.

Sage50 & Xero - Accounts

Having the ability to integrate with your accounts package means that you only need to enter the information once and it will be transferred into your accounts package. No double-entry, no wasted time.

Sage Pay, PayPal, WorldPay - Payment Service Providers

Accepting and processing payments electronically has become the norm. Integrating with these systems is vital to leverage the benefits gained from these types of payments. Both online payments through your website and in the SubscriberCRM application are securely made and recorded.

Go Cardless, BacscomIP and Bacscom Cloud - Direct Debit Processing

There are many reasons to use Direct Debits to collect regular payments and there are different approaches that can be taken to use this form of payment. Ideally the solution you choose should provide greater efficiency, accuracy, automation and enable integration with SubscriberCRM. Related to this is the ability to validate bank details within SubscriberCRM via the integration with Mosaic Bank Check.

HMRC - Gift Aid

The Joy and the pain of Gift Aid tax reclamation has now become just a joy with the integration of SubscriberCRM and HMRC. At the press of a button the gift aid claim is electronically transferred to HMRC and a response in the other direction confirms receipt. This time saving integration has revolutionised reclaiming tax.

MailChimp, Text Local, Ideal Postcodes, Googe Maps, AFD Postcodes

A CRM system may be more commonly understood as a platform to record and store data, but used effectively it can be a proactive catalyst for marketing efforts and provide a platform to organise, execute and record marketing campaigns.

SubscriberCRM provides integration with a range of applications that assist with omni-channel marketing allowing you to reach out to your contacts, then record and measure the results. This means you can track the success of campaigns, update your contact list for those that opt out (complying with GDPR) and update contact preference methods of your members. This strengthens efficiency of your outreach efforts and ensures your members privacy and preferences are respected.

Most recently, we were delighted to partner with Ideal Postcodes, bringing a cost-effective postcode lookup facility to SubscriberCRM, making the entry of addresses quicker and easier. For more details please visit our recent blog post.

With over 25 years' experience working with NFPs, we ensure we handpick third party applications that mutually benefit our CRM platform, providing our customers with ever increasing ways to speed up and automate processes and make life that bit easier. We are also able to offer support on the integration process when our customers wish to combine an application with SubscriberCRM and are on hand to assist with the process from signing up to performing tasks. We can also advise on solutions that we think may benefit your organisation and allow you to leverage from full functionality of the partnership.

SubscriberCRM continues to partner with new software providers to ensure we remain at the cutting edge of technology that makes our customers lives easier. Be sure to check out our Blog page and social media platforms where we announce all new Partnerships, as well as a full list of Partners that can be found on our website.

If you have any questions about integration then please don’t hesitate to contact our support team at

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