The Team at SubscriberCRM - Tina Gresham

Apr 20 2020

Co-Founder and Director Tina Gresham explains just some of the reasons why she likes working here at SubscriberCRM with a dedicated team having a strong focus on customer support and why she thinks customers also enjoy the experience.

What is your role, what do you like about your job

My role has been very varied throughout the years, as a co-founder of the Company I have had to wear many hats although I must admit none of these have been technical ones.

Currently I concentrate on the financial side of the business but also on attracting new customers. I suppose I am the hub of the business with scheduling the work, sending invoices, speaking to or visiting potential customers, speaking with existing customers, arranging demonstrations and our open training days.

I enjoy my job because it is so varied. I really enjoy meeting new people when I go out to visit new prospects to demonstrate SubscriberCRM as this is often the result of having had many phone conversations. Weirdly I enjoy working on the accounts and making sure everything is in order and balancing. I also enjoy being creative when developing a new marketing schedule as the outcome of this can be very rewarding. There is never a dull moment.

Why is it great to work at SubscriberCRM

We have a great team here in the office with plenty of banter but also more serious discussions. I love working with my 2 children, Elliott and Rebecca but also the rest of the team are like family as well.

We all get on together really well helping each other out when needed and there is plenty of enthusiasm in discussing ideas or solving problems.

I couldn’t imagine working with a better group of people.

Why is SubscriberCRM great and most importantly how does it help our customers.

I am very proud of SubscriberCRM, it is so versatile and will suit small charities yet also is a fantastic solution for large organisations such as Trade Unions. It has been developed over many years and we have listened to our customers, so the system is not built from a geek’s viewpoint but from a user’s viewpoint. I get many emails asking me to thank the team for all their help when a customer has had a question and we’ve spent time to help them through and resolve their queries.

Our support team are friendly and want to help, they do not rush the customer when they need that extra bit of hand holding and our experience and understanding is appreciated by our customers.

What makes SubscriberCRM unique

The experience we have gained over the years is reflected in the ease of use of SubscriberCRM. Our customers tell us they find the system very intuitive and the processes are not complicated, so users soon pick up what to do.

Our support is second to none and our customers speak to a member of the team usually straight away or are very quickly called back. So, customers are not waiting days or even hours when they need help.

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