Coronavirus Update: Lockdown 2.0

Nov 03 2020

Following the updated advice and recommendations from the Government and health authorities regarding Coronavirus, and to help protect the health and safety of our employees and the wider community, we have again taken the difficult decision to temporarily close our offices.

Our offices will be closed from Wednesday 4th November at 17:00. We will await further guidance with regards to when we are able to return.

All of our staff are working remotely and will continue to provide the same excellent level of support to our customers. Instead of calling us, please either use our Knowledge Base or email

These are very strange and challenging times; but if we all do our part, however small, we will minimise the impact of the virus and get through this much faster.

From all of us here at SubscriberCRM, we wish you, your colleagues, and your family and friends well and stay safe.

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