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Itching to switch CRM's?

Oct 01 2019

The thought of switching your Customer Relationship Management software may seem daunting, and understandably so.

You may also be struggling to get full team/departmental buy-in due to a complicated interface. Afterall a CRM is only as good as the information that is entered into it.

The 360-Degree Customer View

Aug 05 2019

The term '360-degree customer view' may be one you have heard of but not fully understood, or you may be familiar with the term but may not have considered it for other organisation types including Charities, Fundraisers, NFP's, Institutes and Associations.

The Team at SubscriberCRM - Elliott Gresham

Jun 24 2019

Technical Director Elliott Gresham tells us why every day at SubscriberCRM is different and why helping his customers is so rewarding. Elliott is part of the family business and has worked for SubscriberCRM for 14 years, continually learning new things that will help and benefit his customers.

The Team at SubscriberCRM - Harry Miller

Jun 06 2019

This week we spoke with our Software Support Specialist Harry Miller, about what it’s like working for SubscriberCRM. Harry has worked for the company for 3 years supporting our customers in any which way possible. Here we find out why he loves his job and what he has learned on the way.

The Team at SubscriberCRM - Adam Sadler

May 30 2019

We asked our Software Development Manager Adam Sadler why he enjoys working for SubscriberCRM and what he likes most about his job. Adam has been with us for 12 years and has seen first-hand the positive impact SubscriberCRM has had on organisations and how he has helped customers along the way.

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